Transcreation & Localization

I have worked on a number of translation projects over the years, mainly translating from German to English. I remember having to translate the first page of James Joyce’s “Ulysses” into German in my first ever translation class at university. Oh dear. The only lesson I learned from this is that no matter how good your language skills are, you should always translate into your mother tongue.

A good translator not only understands the language, but also like writing in their native language. It’s also important to be able to see the cultural differences between the source and target language and make sure that the translation captures the style and atmosphere of the writer.

At the same time the target text should be fluent, smooth and idiomatic – I always ask myself the question, “If the reader is not familiar with the culture of the original language, will they understand the translation, enjoy reading it and more importantly, will they buy into whatever it’s trying to sell?!”

Some of my interesting assignments including translating audioguides for the River Danube, Rhine and Moselle, latest research on the employabilty of today’s graduates in Austria, Germany and Switzerland as well as luxury magazines for ski resorts such as Lech.

Please get in touch for any German –  English translations. Danke.

“Mit Vanessa haben wir eine zuverlässige und äußert professionelle Partnerin gefunden, die Übersetzungen für unsere Kunden in unterschiedlichsten Branchen perfekt auch bei engen Terminen liefert.”

Nicole Schedler Managing Partner, Silberball Bregenz GmbH