The International Profiler

WHAT is The International Profiler?

The International Profiler is an international psychometric developmental tool that assesses where you are currently stand in terms of cultural fluency.

HOW does The International Profiler work?

  • You fill in the online TIP questionnaire
  • You receive a feedback report on 22 international skills plus individual coaching feedback from me, which enables you to see your strengths and areas for development for working internationally.

How are you supposed to manage in a global world if you don’t develop your Global Intelligence? The International Profiler is a comprehensive indicator of what skills you need when working effectively in unfamiliar cultural environments.

It makes sense for organisations to combine TIP with intercultural training. I can offer you or your organisation more in-depth and tailor-made training solutions in the following:

  • Developing Intercultural Competence
  • Cross-cultural team building
  • Working with the Brits
  • Working with the Austrians/Swiss/Germans
  • English communication skills plus TIP (groups or 1-1)