Intercultural & English Skills

Maybe you find it hard to build rapport across cultures or can’t understand what some business partners are saying or thinking? Sometimes you keep quiet in meetings as you are afraid of making grammar mistakes? You’ve tried being more direct but that hasn’t always gone down well…

Intercultural Communication skills in combination with English language training are what you need. The great thing about this combi course is that it allows you to continue working as “you”, building on the skills you already have, developing ones that you’d like to improve and using the content of the training to improve your English too!

In this 1-1 training you will gain:

  • higher English language skills
  • more self-confidence when communicating in English
  • higher intercultural communication skills
  • more flexibility and practical strategies to work across cultures.

As a coaching tool I use an international psychometric development tool called The International Profiler to help you to develop the skills you need when working effectively in unfamiliar cultural environments. Watch the film to see how it works!

HOW does The International Profiler work?

  • You fill in the online TIP questionnaire
  • You receive a feedback report on 22 international skills plus individual coaching feedback from me, which enables you to see your strengths and areas for development for working internationally.
  • Follow-up 1-1 coaching in which you can improve your English and intercultural skills at the same time.