Vanessa has oceans of Intercultural Knowledge and Intercultural Communication Skills

My ambition to become a “Competent Trainer” took me to you. You have oceans of “International Cultural Knowledge” & “International Communication Skills”. During our sessions, I learnt a lot from you. But still I am done yet. I love all my trainers and you are one among my elite group of trainers. Love you Mam..!!

Anand Dwipesh

Train the Trainer I International Customer Service I Communicator

Vanessa is a true professional with a talent for connecting with her audience in an authentic way.

Vanessa is a true professional with a talent for connecting with her audience in an authentic way. She’s delivered several presentations and a webinar for The Interchange Institute; all glowing reviews from participants. She is organised, responsive, and always delivers high quality content. We’ve already booked Vanessa for future events.

Tasha Arnold (Ed.D.) Executive

Director of The Interchange Institute

Our work together was useful, saved me time, and helped me gain even more clarity with direction for obtaining my goals.

Vanessa has a great deal of knowledge that she’s gained through years of focused work with intercultural communication. Refining my professional intentions, I met with her to tap into her experience in this field. She introduced me to many resources I would not have otherwise known about. Our work together was useful, saved me time, and helped me gain even more clarity with direction for obtaining my goals. Thank you!

Joan Ruffels


Vanessa’s editorial work over the years has been instrumental to some of our core Marketing campaigns.

I enjoyed working with Vanessa on a few occasions as she contributed to our corporate Insights blog. Vanessa wrote articles specialising in language learning and culture, often proposing subjects and researching for submissions. Given that Marketing didn’t have an in-house copywriter, Vanessa’s editorial work over the years has been instrumental to some of our core Marketing campaigns. She is reliable, easy to work with and receives feedback well. I look forward to reading more of her in-depth articles.”

Charleen Parkes

Founder and Head of Digital Content  Travel & Lust

I can definitely recommend Vanessa for intercultural communication training.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Vanessa’s interactive and eye-opening intercultural webinar “It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Through her webinar, she helped me remind me what I know about intercultural communication and taught me many new points about being more effective on intercultural communication. I can definitely recommend Vanessa for intercultural communication training. Thank you, Vanessa!”

Ronald Minkyu Kim

Interculturalist I Cross-cultural Teams

I can definitely recommend Vanessa as a trainer & coach for all work & culture related issues

I am currently working with a lot of clients from all over the world, especially from India. When I approached Vanessa, I had gathered evidence for my gut feeling that my processes were not running as I had intended them to, with regards to time, commitment and communication especially with my Indian clients.

During our coaching sessions, we analysed the differences and similarities of my clients as well as my own culture and directly applied them to my way of working. Vanessa gave me some really practical tips and I especially appreciated the fact that Vanessa encouraged me to find a good balance between adapting my own behaviour towards my client’s cultures but to make it match my own personality at the same time.

Vanessa is extremely knowledgeable in all intercultural concepts and models and has examples to share from an abundance of international work assignments she completed.

I can definitely recommend her as a trainer & coach for all work & culture related issues.

Sarah Grötzinger
Career Coach for international engineers & technical experts

The way Vanessa manages with a global mindset is commendable

Vanessa & I worked together for a project in India. The way she manages with that global mindset is commendable and she has such in depth knowledge about cultures and communication based on different global industries that helps a lot of students and working professional globally.

The one thing that makes her different from others is that she notices and adapts quickly which helps her to communicate well and think beyond certain parameters. I hope our paths cross again soon, keep up the good work!


Nikhil Rustagi
Associate at upGrad

Vanessa was such a great help in improving my English skills

Vanessa was such a great help in improving my English skills.

She is not only a highly experienced teacher yet fun person to work with but thanks to her cultural knowledge our classes were also always very interesting and relevant for me, having just relocated from Europe to the States.

Lastly, I was very grateful for her being so extremely flexible and positive, especially during this unpredictable pandemic.


Vanessa Zwinselman
Marketing Manager for North America, Switzerland Tourism

Vanessa gave me valuable communication tools

I had the opportunity to work closely with Vanessa for a one-week training program on intercultural communication. In such a short time, she was able to guide me into this relatively unknown world, giving me valuable communication tools and extremely useful hints and suggestions on how to approach discussions and negotiations with people having different cultural background.

Thanks to her support, I am now constantly developing my communication skills, reaching positive outcome from any interaction with people from all around the world.

Federico Stoppello
Lawyer, SACE S.p.A.

Vanessa is a pleasure to work with

Vanessa has worked as an intercultural trainer for The London School of International Communication since 2016 delivering a range of individual programmes and group workshops.  Vanessa is a pleasure to work with and she is genuinely passionate about what she does.

She works very hard to ensure she delivers the best outcomes for our clients and as a result feedback is always very positive.

Cathy Wellings
Director, London School of International Communication

Vanessa helped me polish my interview skills in English

Vanessa is a great trainer who has helped me polish my interview skills in English. The lessons were varied, interesting and we had a lot of fun too. I loved the discussions about social behaviour in Austria and England.

Raphaela Stefandl-Herburger
ORF correspondent for Switzerland

What Vanessa taught was incredibly valuable and interesting

Vanessa was my English professor at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. What she taught us about cultural differences and their impact on international cooperation was incredibly valuable and interesting.

Six years after university, I contacted her again regarding a professional project and once again, I was excited about our collaboration. Because she has lived in Vorarlberg for a long time and speaks German fluently, she is able to understand some of our German-speaking thoughts much better. I am already looking forward to working with her again.

Vanessa is not only a highly professional teacher, but also a very lovely human being.

Sarah Kohl
Freelance copywriter & text creation, signoracavalo.com

Vanessa is a great trainer!

Vanessa is a great trainer! Throughout my classes with her, I enjoyed not only business English but intercultural components of working abroad. She is very disciplined, knows where to focus and always finds the ways to motivate you!

Elif Arikan
Global Marketing Associate Director, Novartis

Vanessa meets the expectations of clients both intelligently and personally

Vanessa is a professional intercultural trainer who adapts quickly to different situations so that she meets the expectations of clients both intelligently and personally.

She’s worked with me for NEXT Education Global in the educational sector and FENALS in the corporate side of my business, using scientifically-based research to enhance the quality of her training. As a communicator, she is fast, reliable and friendly – I hope we continue working together for many years.

Saskia Torn Broers, MEd
Expert in Program Design & Talent Development. Founder at Fenals Consultancy

Vanessa is a great intercultural trainer

I have met Vanessa during my contribution to the Xplore Russia and Xplore India projects. She was supporting a group of international students (from Russia, India, and Austria) during an educational trip. Vanessa is a great intercultural trainer who gives well structured and useful material.

What I liked the most – she is able to involve all the students to participate in the discussion. Her workshops prepared me well for my first years living abroad, made me more conscious, and helped to avoid many adaptation problems

Alexandra Demidova
Business Process Modelling, LogicX

Participating in Vanessa’s lectures was highly rewarding

I started studying international business administration in my late thirties in an extra-occupational university programme Vanessa worked in as an English lecturer. All students inscribed in the programme were professionally experienced, many of us internationally.

At the beginning, some of us were accordingly afraid that English lectures might just be a continuation of Grammar school lessons only with business oriented contents. Fortunately, Vanessa’s lectures turned out to be more than that.

She proved to be able to transfer her own intercultural experience and sensitivity to others in a motivating way. Participating in her lectures was highly rewarding. Without the insights gained during her lectures I might not have chosen to go for a Master’s degree in cross-cultural communication afterwards.

Dorothee Simpfendörfer

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Communication skills for international professionals

Joint Intercultural and English Language Training

Language and global mindset training for international executives

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