Repatriation Support

Companies that manage their expats successfully follow the three practices that make the assignments work from beginning to end:

  • they set clear strategic objectives for the assignment abroad
  • they make sure that candidates have cross-cultural skills to match their technical abilities
  • and they prepare people to make the transition back to their home offices

Did you know that 50% of repats quit their job within the first year of return as they don’t feel challenged or valued enough?

And that 90% of accompanying partners on international assignments go though an interruption in their career which makes being abroad, “coming home” and looking for work complicated?

“When I got back, I found I was no longer a round peg in a round hole, but a square peg trying to find a hole that didn’t seem to be there at all.” — “The Art of Coming Home” by Craig Storti

Having made the big move to relocate, repats are totally comfortable changing companies back home – this is no big deal for them but a massive loss for the company.

Using THE REPAT FORMAT I assist companies to nurture their expat talent by guiding them home. The three-way strategy is simple – it assists the company, the repat and the repat’s family – check out the film below and make sure you watch it in fullscreen mode!


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