Intercultural Training

Are you looking to relocate or are you working globally and looking for ways to speed up the CULTURE SHOCK process? Maybe attitudes to time, communication and deadlines are different in the country you are working with. Have you ever asked yourself WHY?

I assist people develop their intercultural competences which equip them for working as international managers or project leaders.

Apart from courses that look at work practices in multicultural working environments I also offer country-specific training.

Do you need to prepare for working with the British?

I also offer training/coaching on German-speaking countries having lived in the “Dreiländereck” (Austria, Germany & Switzerland) region for 25 years. I crossed borders on a weekly basis just to get to work.

Any of the following intercultural training courses can also been packaged together with English language training:

  • Working internationally
  • Working with the UK
  • Working with Austria/Germany/Switzerland

My training courses can be adapted to suit your company and individual needs.

Vanessa has worked as an intercultural trainer for The London School of International Communication since 2016 delivering a range of individual programmes and group workshops.  Vanessa is a pleasure to work with and she is genuinely passionate about what she does.  She works very hard to ensure she delivers the best outcomes for our clients and as a result feedback is always very positive.

Cathy Wellings, Director London School of International Communication

Vanessa and the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences have developed and been conducting intercultural training for part-time executive students over the past 10 years. Up to 70 Austrian students per year participate in these project-based training field trips to India & Russia. She has received top feedback for her work and student learning outcomes. I hope we can continue working together for a long time.

Prof. Bernhard Blessing