About me

I am an experienced relocation and repatriation trainer and coach. I support people in the process of moving countries, creating a space where they can discover and live their lives to the full, gaining the maximum potential out of the enriching adventure both abroad and back home.

Solid academic background and specialist cultural & linguistic knowledge having lived and worked abroad for 25 years.

Passionate about bridging the gap / intercultural communication / cross-cultural issues.

Specialist expertise in relocating individuals and developing multicultural project teams to cooperate effectively without compromising global and diverse management demands.

For the last 15 years I have been training clients in English and German across all levels of seniority in educational establishments and industry, including professional services, hotel and catering, technology, luxury travel, media and sport.

I coach clients with The International Profiler, a psychometric tool for developing intercultural competences.

Are you and your team ready for the world of global work?

To discover how I can help you and your business please email me at https://paisley-communication.com/contact/

Vanessa Paisley